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The Four Agreements Buddhism

The Four Agreements Buddhism

Greetings, readings, studies, and teaching courses on the application of the four agreements — I don`t really see a contradiction between what you say and what the four agreements teach us. These are guiding principles that we come back to, we reflect on them, they are ways to reach agreements with themselves on what we will be and will achieve in the world — they are not laws like the 10 commandments (only shorter). For example, «Doing your best» is based on the idea that it is better to change every day, sometimes every hour. And that we are called to do our best individually, depending on what we have and where we are at all times. If you`re committed to always doing your best, give yourself a «pause and reset» whenever necessary to regroup. You will break an immense spell of self-judgment that has exhausted your freedom and deprived you of the joy of the present. Showing this compassion in the first place is what motivates you to continue to be aware and strengthen your competence in compliance with 1-3 agreements. In addition to Bruce (and as Bruce himself), I was also impressed by the negativity in some of the chords. After education, it seems useful to tell children things that look like this: please come now to your reading; instead of: stop seeing this game. Perhaps there will be less conflict and conflict, because we parents can use our children`s brains more positively. I learned this by working with restless children, where «Stop Fighting» had no value, especially with adrenaline pump and flying fists, while «hands down» could actually help spread things…

at least part of the time. To gain your freedom and become a modern spiritual warrior of Toltec, an artist of the spirit, they internalize these four chords. You get rid of the conditioning of your childhood and your culture. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself, a chance to let go of suffering forever and always make the choice to be happy. This, in turn, will be your gift to the world. From this place in yourself, you will find freedom. The incompetent starts at home. Be immaculate with yourself and reflect your life and relationships with others. This agreement can help change thousands of other agreements, especially those that create fear rather than love. It`s about consistent practices and focus to slow down and notice how we are, and therefore who we are in the way we show for others and for ourselves in life. As simple as they may seem, these four chords are a lifelong work that they can do with two steps back for the three steps forward.

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