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Should Prenuptial Agreements Be Given Weight In Law

Should Prenuptial Agreements Be Given Weight In Law

The woman was the case where the decision to enter into a marriage contract was a joint decision and was discussed before the agreements were concluded. But with some surprising legal decisions in recent years, coupled with the 2014 Legal Commission report, it is more important than ever to ask whether or not you should sign a Prenup, and whether you are doing it the way it should be written. All the children of the marriage remain a primary consideration and the terms of the agreement have yet to produce a «fair» result. The closer the effect of an agreement is to an outcome that the Court would find fair, the more likely it is that there is decisive weight. We regularly design and advise clients on their cohabitation contracts and use our trading experience to your advantage. However, to the extent that the terms of the agreement are essentially fair and the needs of the parties and children are met, the courts are increasingly willing to resurrect and/or give considerable weight to marital agreements. We have extensive experience in developing pre-marriage agreements (and post-ascendant agreements) for a number of international clients, including international families, expatriate professionals, celebrities, wealthy entrepreneurs and individuals who all have foreign ties. In addition, courts may give more weight to marriage contracts signed by foreign nationals, provided that foreign law is not repugnant to Singapore`s public order. Regardless of the parties` intention to live as a family in the United Kingdom, the marriage agreement was entered into in the country of which they were both nationals and where the marriage took place. Before an agreement is reached, the following safeguards should be respected to maximize the likelihood that it will eventually be confirmed by the courts. Date — the agreement should be prepared and signed in due course before the marriage/civil partnership. The Commission`s report on qualified marriage contracts recommends that a marriage agreement be concluded at least 28 days before the marriage or registered partnership; Whether a particular matrimonial agreement will be valid and applicable by Singapore`s courts is complex. Many of the issues that must be resolved by a matrimonial agreement are already settled by the Women`s Charter (Cap 353).

In deciding whether it is right to hold individuals to a prenup, a number of factors have been identified as relevant. For example, the husband and wife must enter freely into the agreement. Hard or excessive pressure could decrease the weight given to the chord and even deny it completely. The Court will consider the circumstances of the couples at the time the contract came into force (age, maturity and emotional state) to ascertain whether each of them understood the effects of the agreement and whether they intended to make it effective.

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